Sunday, August 22, 2010

headless ghost!

this incident happened last nov. 2, 2007. we were daring each other to see who can last in the eerie vacant lot just meters away from our house. we made a little hang-out in that place before but we never dared stay there during the night. we took some photos that night using my camera phone. we alternately took photos but when jojo took the last photo, he swore that he saw no one on the background until the image was saved. we were horrified when we saw the headless ghost in the photo so we ran as fast as we can away from that place. we were tankful that the ghost did not pose candid on the photo.
location: p. laygo st., sabang, lipa city
on the pics: ardee de la rosa, algin de la rosa, ryan de la rosa, jayson peña, jojo virrey


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  2. grabe nga ghost na nga headless pa