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Norse mythology(RAGNAROK)

Q>ano ba ang Norse mythology or ragnarok?
A>ang ragnarok ayon sa Norse mythology ay ang "Huling pag lalakbay ng mga BATHALA".

Q>sino sino ba ang mga bathalang na sasaad sa RAGNAROK?
A> maraming bathala ang kabilang sa RAGNAROK at ilan dito ay sila: Thor, Balder, Loki, Freyja

Karagdagang kaalaman

The Old Norse word "ragnarök" is a compound of two words. The first word in the compound, ragna, is the genitive plural of regin ("gods" or "ruling powers"), derived from the reconstructed Proto-Germanic term *ragenō. The second word, rök, has several meanings, such as "development, origin, cause, relation, fate, end." The traditional interpretation is that prior to the merging of /ǫ/ and /ø/ (ca. 1200) the word was rök, derived from Proto-Germanic *rakō.[7] The word ragnarök as a whole is then usually interpreted as the "final destiny of the gods."[4] In 2007, Haraldur Bernharðsson proposed that the original form of the second word in the compound is røk, leading to a Proto-Germanic reconstruction of *rekwa and opening up other semantic possibilities.

In the beginning was Muspell, the realm of fire. It is a place of dreadful light and heat. Only its natives, the Fire Giants, can tolerate its flames. Surt, a Fire Giant, guards Muspell's border, armed with a flaming sword. At the end of the era, at Ragnarok, Surt and his companions will destroy all the Gods and and their world with fire.
Outside of Muspell lies the void called Ginnungagap, and north of Ginnungagap is Niflheim, the world of awesome dark and cold. In this world are eleven rivers flowing from a great well. The rivers are frozen and occupy Ginnungagap. When the wind, rain, ice, and cold meet the heat and fire of Muspell in the center of Ginnungagap, a place of light, air, and warmth is born.
Where fire and ice first met, thawing drops appeared. Beneath the melting ice lay a Frost Giant named Ymir. Ymir slept, falling into a sweat. Under his left arm there grew a couple, male and female Giants. One of his legs begot a son with the other.
The melting frost became a cow called Audhumla from whose udders ran four rivers of milk that fed Ymir.
After one day of licking salty ice blocks, she freed a man's hair from the ice. After two days, his head appeared. On the third day the whole man was released from the ice. The man's name was Buri. Buri had a son named Bor. Bor married Bestla, the daughter of a Giant, with whom he had three sons. Odin was the first, Vili the second, and Vé the third. Odin, in association with his brothers, is the ruler of heaven and earth. He is the greatest and most famous of all Gods.
Odin and his brothers killed the Giant Ymir. They carried Ymir to the middle of Ginnungagap and created the world, called Midgard, from his body. Ymir's blood became the sea and and lakes. His skull became the cover of the sky which was set over the earth. Ymir's brains were tossed into the air, and became clouds. Then sparks and burning embers from Muspell were placed in the middle of Ginnungagap to give light to Midgard. They named the stars and set their paths. Ymir's skeleton became the mountains of Midgard. His teeth and jaws became rocks and pebbles. His flesh was ground into dirt in the great mill Grottekvarnen. Ymir's hair became trees. Maggots appeared in Ymir's flesh became Dwarves, who had human understanding and the appearance of men, but lived in the earth. Under each corner of the sky the suns of Buri put a Dwarf. The four Dwarves are called Austri (East), Vestri (West), Nordri (North), and Sudri (South).

"I find no comfort in the shade

Under the branch of the Great Ash.

I remember the mist

of our ancient past.

As I speak to you in the present,

My ancient eyes

see the terrible future.

"Do you not see what I see?

Do you not hear

death approaching?

"The mournful cry of Giallr-horn

shall shatter the peace

And shake the foundation of heaven.

"Raise up your banner

And gather your noble company

from your great hall,

Father of the Slains.

For you shall go to your destiny.

"No knowledge can save you,

And no magic will save you.

For you will end up in Fenrir's belly,

While heaven and earth will burn

in Surt's unholy fire."

— Doom of Odin,

from the Book of Heroes.

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